Picking the Best Way to Hold Title to Your Home

These will exist only if the house has been sold or transferred since compulsory registration was introduced: If the house is registered, you will receive details of sales, boundary plans, owners, mortgages and other historical information. If you find your property you can download: To identify all registered estates that may affect land, such as titles of tunnels, pipelines, etc. Title Deeds Title Deeds can help you trace the owners and occupiers of your house. If the title deeds are not in your possession, they may be with your solicitor or Mortgage Company. However be aware that not all older deeds can be found.

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First of all, I am no attorney, but my understanding of the point in time at which title to real estate passes differs from the moderator’s. Second, I live in Texas; so my .

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Do not wait until you receive your documents or wait until the day of the closing. When confirming the appointment always verify the date, time, location, and the spelling of the names match your order. Ask if the signer is aware of anyone else on title but who does not appear on your order, and also confirm the marital status for properties in homestead property marital rights states.

Confirm the subject property address is correct as well.

The grievance procedures below are specifically for the adjudication of complaints of gender-based misconduct, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking when such complaints involve Barnard College students, faculty, staff, administrators and/or third parties.

It’s best to consult a real estate attorney before deciding but, unfortunately, most homeowners don’t do that. To help with the decision, here are the pros and cons of the five most common ways to hold title to your home: Sole ownership If you are single, one way to hold title to your home is in your name alone. This method is also called ownership in severalty. When a married person takes title to real property in his or her name alone in sole ownership, the spouse is usually asked to sign a quitclaim deed giving up any ownership interest in the property.

This might be done, for example, when a husband invests in properties but his wife is not involved with the realty investments. There are no special tax or other advantages of holding title in sole ownership. When the sole owner dies, any property held this way is subject to probate court costs and delays. Tenants in common When two or more co-owners take title to real estate, especially if they are not married to each other, they often become tenants in common.

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dating or coupled relationship. We use the terms “college/university” and “institution” interchangeably. We recognize that men may be victims of intimate partner violence, sexual violence or stalking in same-sex Beyond Title IX: Guidelines or Preventing and Responding to Genderbased Violence in .

If I am not a licensed engineer and I am found to be illegally practicing engineering, can I be sanctioned by the Board? Does the Board require a Texas licensed professional engineer or a registered firm to carry any insurance such as, Liability or Errors and Omissions? How does an individual know when a P. Professional Engineer is required? Refer to Sections Refer to this page: Contact the Board office and ask if a complaint has ever been filed against a professional engineer, an unlicensed person, or a firm offering to perform engineering services in Texas.

License holders should sign their name either above or below the seal so that the signature does not obscure the license holder’s name and license number. When do I seal a document? License holders should affix their engineer seal, signature, and date of execution to all documents containing the final version of any engineering work.

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Monday through Friday, 8 a. If you request of the Title IX Coordinator or another University employee that your identity remain completely confidential, the Title IX Coordinator will explain that the University cannot always honor that request and guarantee complete confidentiality. If you wish to remain confidential or request that no investigation be conducted or disciplinary action taken, the University must weigh that request against the University’s obligation to provide a safe, non-discriminatory environment for all students, employees and third parties, including you.

Without information about your identity, the University’s ability to meaningfully investigate the incident and pursue disciplinary action against the perpetrator may be severely limited. The Title IX Coordinator will inform you prior to starting an investigation and will, to the extent possible, only share information with people responsible for handling the University’s response.

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Katie coordinates the University’s response to concerns of: Sex-based discrimination including sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual violence, and sexual exploitation Interpersonal misconduct including domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking Retaliation against anyone seeking assistance, filing a complaint, or participating in an investigation of sexual or interpersonal misconduct Contact Katie at or e-mail: If you have experienced sexual or interpersonal misconduct, please know that there are people here who can support you and provide you with resources to help you make informed choices.

Drake will continue to follow applicable law and best practices in providing students with a safe educational environment and in treating all students fairly and respectfully. Specifically, Drake will continue its policies and programs to prevent both sexual and interpersonal misconduct, provide outreach when it learns of possible misconduct, and respond appropriately and equitably to complaints of misconduct.

Think, talk, learn, listen, and act in a way that respects this line—we are all part of Drake.

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