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This article would be a step-by-step guide to prepare you for your journey. For guys, it would mean building up a muscular physique. Some idols do it the unhealthy way, but I highly discourage it. Try to adopt a positive mindset, and set healthy fitness goals for yourself instead. Sooner or later, you would find yourself fitter, stronger, healthier, and of course looking better! Pick a skill Each idol has to have a basic skill and a secondary skill.

Kim Jong-hyun: SHINee star dies amid an unforgiving K-pop industry

Aug 19, AceShowbiz – Falling in love may be the happiest time for most of people. However, it’s not the case for K-Pop stars as being able to date publicly seems to be a coveted luxury for them. Fans of the South Korean superstars most of the time find it hard to learn their favorites date, so whenever a new dating scandal emerges online, all hell breaks loose in the entire K-Pop industry.

If the idol virtual couple share hobbies or like same things, it would be a good source for Mang Bung to make dating scandal. Then, let’s see some famous Mang Bung scandals of Korean celebrity virtual couples, and what makes the Mang Bungs to believe so sure.

When Pinoys started becoming active in the VK pages by March, that trick lay low but it returned with a full blast this July. I guess this sabotage which we first noted in Latin America is a continuing operation, especially now that events have so evolved that the Pinoys seemed now to be considered as a threat.

The South Korean propaganda revolves around their delusions about their “beauty”, and here comes the Pinoys who are more beautiful than them as accepted even in this area. I guess the propagandists have no recourse but to continue with the dirty tricks to stave off their waning popularity. I’ll discuss that in detail in another forthcoming article. But the memberships of these VK groups were made irrelevant by the outside groups, like the Kazakh-established pages, which had far more readers than them.

It is turning out the South Korean Hallyu is a big mirage created by a big propaganda structure in many parts of the world and it is not quite impressive outside that propaganda noise. It is losing steam. The sabotage is expected to continue because they have done all the Plastic Surgery, they are stuck with the faces they have now.

At least, this is the most hilarious sabotage! The following post appeared on June 15, Bigger forces which you won’t expect involved in this supposedly “illegal” activity are actually behind the bigger sites.

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But behind the clean-faced and beautiful men and women singing and dancing to sophisticated pop tunes usually written by Scandinavians, funnily enough , is there a well of darkness and horror? Of course there is; there always is. The group TVXQ seems to suffer particular attention.

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Idol group Girls’ Generation , signed under SM Entertainment Hundreds of candidates each day attend the global auditions held by Korean entertainment agencies to perform for the chance of becoming a trainee. Others are street-casted or scouted without auditioning, based on looks or potential talent. Those who successfully pass this audition stage are offered long-term contracts with the entertainment company. There are no age limits to becoming a trainee; thus is not uncommon for trainees, and even debuted idols, to be very young.

T, a boyband of S. Entertainment in late s. Among trainees in the same company, the elimination mechanism decides who earns the chance of settling in “the company-owned dormitories” and continue fighting for the ultimate goal to debut in new idol groups, while those who cannot show their company the potential to become an eligible idol artist will no longer be able to stay in the company.

What the HyunA-E’Dawn drama says about K-idols dating

However, there are some couples who are irrefutably great together, while the others… are not so much. Although many fans refused to believe even a second of it, there were some alleged proofs that caused a confusing riot between the public. Other photos taken at an amusement park together with friends were also very convincing.

Local site news Dispatch released a bombshell article on April 1, , claiming that EXO’s Kai and F(X)’s Krystal, two members of two popular Korean idol groups, were dating.

Believe me when I say I actually thought about this for quite some time. And I still love them all bit by bit. So without further ado: Ryeowook also screams virgin in my mind. He just seems a little fragile imo. Yesung is pretty much open to anything, so maybe he did it before debuting. Oh, and did you notice how much sexual tension he has on stage?

BTS – IDOL Explained by a Korean | REACTION

Yoona admitted that when they first went to Japan, she was exhausted and overwhelmed with the idea that she needed to grow and develop as an artist. And when she began getting lost in her depressed thoughts, she turned on her MP3 player and the first song that played was IU’s “Someday”. The song, she said, was so fitting to her situation, and gave her encouragement by offering her a sliver of hope. She empathized with the lyrics “I don’t believe in myself, even though I say it often”, and was encouraged knowing she wasn’t the only one going through a difficult situation.

Reactions to the HyunA-E’Dawn-Cube Entertainment scandal from K-pop communities worldwide have ranged from surprise to shock to downright outrage over everyone involved.

I’ll put the possible years these rumored-to-be “couples” could’ve been dating. So don’t take this post seriously. They supposedly stayed in a hotel together. Especially when there was a rumor going around that a gay idol couple would be revealed, Hyeongseop suddenly deleted all their photos together. Taeyeon C , Seulgi Chanyeol: Unidentified girl during EXO debut that’s rumored to be Krystal: Video of him kissing an unknown Chinese woman in October but clarified she was just a friend, someone from Crayon Pop Kai: Apparently in a non-celebrity relationship??

I have a feeling he’s in a long-term relationship rn D. Wei Qian Ya his friend from high school but rumors were later proven to be false Kris: Someone came forward and said that a friend of hers was dating Kris, Photos were leaked from his phone these rumors are said to be false and fabricated. Girlfriend story was taken from a fanfic apparently Lay:

Inilah 5 Alasan Kenapa Pasangan Kpop Dibenci Netizen

Streaming platform Viu and Globe Telecom on Friday launched their co-produced online reality show “Hello K-Idol,” which will pit Filipino hopefuls for a chance to turn their K-pop dreams into reality. The 10 male contestants, aged between 18 to 27, were selected following on-ground and online auditions. The final winner will be awarded a four-month all-expense paid scholarship to learn K-pop vocal and dance under a prestigious talent school in Korea.

Online personality Kring Elenzano-Kim will host the program. Sungjae, who also rose to fame in the country for his role in the popular drama “Goblin,” vowed to work hard as a mentor.

MySheepRock Aug 03 am This drama is a good one (I have to say). If I would rate the drama itself, I would rate it a 7/ The cinematography and the plot itself was very interesting. The casting of the drama was spot-on and also 80% of the scenes.

Han Ga In Kim Ji Hoon “It was so fun. I wanted to take a picture with him but I’m also a celebrity so I was kind of embarrassed to ask that Joe “I’ve liked G-Dragon since his ‘Heartbreaker’ days. His gaze is really sexy. I had a chance to greet him in the waiting room not too long ago and honestly I was more nervous then than I was for my debut stage. It was the first time I thought a guy could be so cool.

I was so nervous I couldn’t say anything at all. If I had another chance to meet him and actually be able to speak I’ll tell him to remember my name.

Idol x Idols ( BTS x Idol! Reader) #WATTYS2017

As you can see by the title, I am going to talk about that lovely topic that has most idols fans either going crazy or just not giving a darn. I fall into both categories in some cases, To the readers who have no idea what the “Love Ban” is, The love ban is a rule or guideline set forth by major idol companies such as the 48 Group or Hello Project and even some minor agencies that prevent their talent from dating or falling in love with anyone.

Now, there are ways certain idols have “tried” to get around this rule to no avail. I will talk about this later on and will share my opinion on those matters.

Sylvia Casarez Apr 20 am Jong-ki was so great well when is he never not great in whatever drama-movie he’s in. But his character was played out so we’ll by him. The comic relief throughout this drama. Never knew how skillful his acting is.

Artikel 1 dari 6 koreaboo Dalam dunia entertainment Korea, kata “dating” dan “scandal” biasanya tipis bedanya, bahkan saat nggak ada sama sekali kejadian “skandal” dari pasangan; karena “skandal” yang dimaksud bukan merujuk apa yang pasangan ini lakukan melainkan apa reputasi mereka di mata publik. Sayangnya, nggak semua pasangan idol punya nasib baik. Reaksi fan secara umum ditentukan dari berbagai alasan: Fanbase gender Rasio gender dari fanbase mereka memainkan peranan penting.

Kalau soal pacaran, idol cewek dengan banyak penggemar cowok seringkali dikecam daripada idol cewek yang kebanyakan penggemarnya bergender cewek juga. Hal yang sama juga terjadi dengan idol cowok dengan kebanyakan penggemar cewek dibanding fans cowok. Contohnya ketika hubungan Suzy dengan Lee Minho tersebar, Suzy menerima reaksi negatif dari penggemar cowok tapi penggemar cewek banyak yang mendukung dia. Hal ini dikombinasikan dengan reputasi publik Suzy yang baik, membantu berita negatif soal hubungan Suzy ini jadi cepat dilupakan.

Berita ini membuat kaget penggemar, dan banyak fans yang mengeluh kalau hubungan mereka seperti pengkhianatan kepada fans.

Idol Scandals That Almost Broke Heart of Fans

His family consists of his parents and one older brother. Things changed for Kim Hyun-Joong by his middle school days. He started working part-time since the 2nd year of middle school and, because of this, his school grades suffered. Often, during this time, he wound up at the police station for fighting. They were quite popular in his local neighborhood of Songpa-gu in Seoul.

SS released their self-titled debut album “SS ” on June 23,

Jun 08,  · Profile and Fact iKon (With English) 8 June 14 April Sherin Maydiana The group was first introduced in through the reality survival program Who Is Next: WIN as Team B, which consisted of B.I, Bobby, Kim Jinhwan, Koo Junhoe, Song Yunhyeong, and Kim Donghyuk.

While the Korean government has taken steps to address issues on slave contracts, this issue revived discussions on talent contracts and the extent of control that agencies can have over their artists. Company statement Last Sept. It was reported that the pop stars learned of their removal from the agency through the media. Social media erupted with passionate reactions, and the debates continued.

Hours after their initial statement and maybe due to the fluctuating stocks , Cube took back their decision and said that the matter is still being discussed further. Their last statement prior to this writing is that the agency will release another statement within the week. Maybe it is also cultural in the sense that it is inherent for Koreans to pay deep respect to their superiors.

Agencies spend time and resources to scout, develop, train and promote their talents for years, and a breach of trust does seem unforgivable. International fans, however, find it almost absurd that the couple is dismissed for romantic reasons—they did nothing criminal. Rather, the coupling would be celebrated here. The results of Super K!

Devotion, expectation But the issue goes deep into the dark side of the K-pop industrial machine and the manner by which fans express their complete devotion to their idols. As the matter is yet to be resolved soon, it would seem that Triple H would be disbanded and Pentagon would have to survive without one of its main rappers and composer. Markets outside Korea are hungry for all things Korean-related, including acts from smaller agencies.

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The boy group debuted during the onslaught of new bands in and has largely failed to make an impression since then. The group has only two singles under its belt, and it all but disappeared after ending promotions in September of Other than those facts, details about the scandal are scarce. Even the gender of the baby is a secret.

Feb 28,  · Pann: ‘Women Sense’ describes top idol’s 19+ rated dating “We received a tip that girl group member A and trending idol group member B were staying at a hotel in Tokyo together last year. All of the facts lined up to confirm it was them, from the times they met to the room number of the hotel they were staying at, and everything down to the color of their : Netizen Buzz.

Report Story Dipatch one of the most famous news outlets in Korea and it has finally outed our relationship but they didn’t drop the news yet instead they had other other things in mind. Well, Dispatch had not only caught wind of my relationship but they also caught G-Dragon allegedly using some drug substance, so in order toa void the scandal from going out to the public, they decided to throw me into the fire by confirming the relationship. I smmiled at him and gave his hand a light squeeze.

People will accept the relationship sooner or later but if theycaught wind of the drug scandal you won’t see the end of it” I said and he kissed my head. I contacted Jaejoong and told him about the final decision the compagny had made and he seemed to be okay with it as well as his compagny who has already a statement written so they release it.

Dispatch after many talks had finally decided to wait for about a day to release the news and I honestly was very nervous. This image does not follow our content guidelines. To continue publishing, please remove it or upload a different image. The two have liked each other for the past four months, but finally made it official on June According to Dispatch, the year-old Jaejoong made the first move of asking out Ji Eun, who is

TOP 10 Kpop Idol Dispatch scandals!

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