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His works on mystery and macabre were especially prominent to readers who were tempted by his character use of hoaxing and mystifying. Interestingly, his own death seemed like a satire, with regard to all the mysteries he had written. No one has ever made a clear-cut conclusion to his mysterious death. The objective of this essay is to provide an integrated view on the case of his death by utilizing several literatures. Before investigating different probabilities of the cause of his death, there are a few facts that should be noted. First of all, Pearl pointed out that Poe might have attempted to visit N. Brookes, who was a member in Baltimore literati. However, Brookes was out of town and Poe would not be able to meet him. The reason why Poe had stayed for five days in Baltimore is unknown. Nonetheless, there should be some very important reasons to make him stay for longer.

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I think he’s part of the A-team to protect Spencer and the other girls. It makes sense that he’s the one who called Emily to get out of the house, because they used to be very close. And he once said that it was very hard for him to pretend that the didn’t love Spencer. Toby has beautiful eyes, but then again so does Ali or Jenna, although I don’t think Jenna’s involved.

This Is Us viewers are worried Kate and Toby’s marriage may not stand the test of time after seeing a flash forward at the end of the premiere that showed an aging Toby with no wedding ring on.

Later, Jenna visits Emily asking her to bring her Toby’s file, as it contains proof of the affair she had with Toby. The other girls head to the river to burn the file, which Hanna stole. Spencer and Aria are reluctant, but Hanna declares that she no longer wants the file in her possession, which is because she is worried that it will be traced back to her. The three start bickering, before Aria–desperate to get rid of the file and stop the argument–throws it into the river.

She than receives a text from Emily reading: She sees a wrecked motorcycle, but is too afraid to ask if Toby is alive or not. Later, Spencer and Hanna are discussing with her what this could possibly mean, when Spencer receives a text from ‘A’–again, presumably Mona—reading: Later, Toby appears in Emily’s car as she drives to Mona’s birthday party in the forest.

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She is portrayed by Shay Mitchell. Contents [ show ] Biography. Emily Fields is the ‘jock’ of the group because of her aptitude in swimming, which makes her the star of Rosewood ‘s swim team. Out of the girls, Emily would be described as caring, sweet and loyal. Emily cares so much about her friends that she does anything she can to keep them safe.

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Take my quiz to find out. If you love houses as much as I do, then I bet you can’t click just one! The show is about four high school girls—Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily—who are dealing with the mysterious disappearance of their friend Alison. They live in the posh town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, in four beautiful houses. The photo above and below were taken from the pilot when the Montgomery family was moving into the house.

Check out that old stove behind her: Aria is played by Lucy Hale. The show is based on a popular book series by Sara Shepard. Hanna Marin Ashley Benson lives in a traditional two-story with a white-picket fence. Since her dad left them, she and her mom Ashley played by Laura Leighton are having to work hard to keep up appearances. In flashbacks they make her wear baggy sweats to try to convince us she was chubby.

The house is painted in shades of soft green and tan.

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The 50 Funniest Country Songs August 23, by Dayne Shuda 8 Comments While country music has its sad side as evidence by sad country songs there is plenty of humor to go around as well. Here is a collection of the funniest country songs of all time. These songs will make you smile, giggle, and even burst out laughing. In the former country star came back with a new set of songs including the fun little ditty Gotta Have My Java.

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Early life Watson was born in Paris, France, the daughter of English lawyers Jacqueline Luesby and Chris Watson. [4] [15] [16] Watson lived in Maisons-Laffitte near Paris until the age of five.

Aria, Hanna, and Spencer Exes: Ben, Maya, Paige Secret: Will be given when you get the role. Lesbian Competitive swimmer Emily befriends Maya St. Germain, her new neighbor who resides in Alison’s former home. Maya introduces Emily to marijuana, and the girls grow closer. A message from “A” reveals Emily to be curious about her sexuality, and hints that she had kissed Alison in the past, or had been in a relationship with Alison. Emily’s mother invites Maya to stay for a while, and she and Emily share a room and a bed.

Emily’s boyfriend, Ben Coogan, becomes possessive and almost forces her to have sex with him, but she is saved by Toby. Emily breaks up with her boyfriend and kisses Maya Emily in the locker rooms for swimming. Added by D-Master94 in a photo booth at a party; however, someone steals the photograph and makes copies. Emily goes with Toby to Homecoming, much to the shock of her friends, who believe Toby is dangerous.

Emily begins to feel the same way, but Toby brings her to the hospital after she trips on her dress and is knocked out trying to flee from him.

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Her father did not live with her mother. Not long after Eleanora was born, Clarence abandoned his family to pursue a career as a jazz banjo player and guitarist. With no support from her parents, she made arrangements with her older, married half-sister, Eva Miller, for Eleanora to stay with her in Baltimore. Holiday aged 2 in Holiday had a difficult childhood. Her mother often took what were then known as transportation jobs, serving on passenger railroads.

In this new Forge series we will look at some of the bible’s biggest real life stories. You’ll find a cheating big brother an ancient twist on the dating game a dragon from the den and an unlikely lad who become a huge celeb.

Blunt made her professional debut in a London production of the play The Royal Family. Two years later, she appeared on screen for the first time in the television film Boudica Warrior Queen and portrayed ill-fated queen consort Catherine Howard in the miniseries Henry VIII. She found commercial success for roles in the romantic science-fiction thriller The Adjustment Bureau , the science-fiction action thriller Looper , and the science-fiction military film Edge of Tomorrow In , Blunt starred in the fantasy-action film The Huntsman: Her siblings are Felicity, Sebastian, and Susannah.

From the age of seven to 14, Blunt struggled with stuttering. She credits a school teacher for helping her overcome the stutter through acting. She went on to sit on the board of directors for the American Institute for Stuttering. Blunt attended Ibstock Place School in Roehampton, southwest London and, at the age of 16, went to Hurtwood House in Dorking, Surrey, a private sixth-form college known for its performing arts programme.

There, she was discovered and seduced by an agent. Critic Tom Keatinge hailed the production, writing that “Peter Hall’s direction and Anthony Ward’s tremendous set combine with all this to make The Royal Family a terrific night’s entertainment,” and that “More importantly though, it provides a vehicle for acting of the finest quality, with strong performances from the whole ensemble In , Blunt made her screen debut in the British television drama Boudica, about the life of the ancient Celtic warrior-queen who fought the Romans.

In , Blunt received considerable attention for her performance as Tamsin in the independent British drama My Summer of Love, a love story revolving around two young women from different social and economic backgrounds in the English countryside. Director Pawel Pawlikowski gave high praise to Blunt and co-star Natalie Press, stating in an interview that “Both Natalie and Emily were extremely different and very original, which is a rare thing nowadays.

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I hate hate hate him, I laughed when he died 22 Hanna Marin Hanna Olivia Marin is a fictional character created by Sara Shepard for the Pretty Little Liars book series, and later developed for the Freeform television series adaptation by I. Hanna can be really annoying how she always disrespects her mother and her friends. She said this to Spencer “You know, I was so worried about Kate backstabbing me, I didn’t even realize you were holding a knife.

Why was Spencer the only victim? It’s Caleb fault because it was HIS idea!

Emily has decided she is into guys again and has been on and off with different boyfriends, but she hasn’t dated a girl since High school. A is gone for good! Spencer is going to become a Lawyer soon, and Toby has his own construction company, which is always booming.

Toby Cavanaugh is a major supporting character on Pretty Little Liars. He is the older step-brother of Jenna Marshall , the widow of Yvonne Phillips , and the son of the deceased Marion Cavanaugh. Alison told the Liars that she saw Toby spying on them from his tree house and watched them change clothes, and they believed her. Alison and her friends tried to get revenge on him by throwing a stink-bomb into the Cavanaugh’s garage, which set the garage on fire and blinded Jenna, in the process.

It is unknown whether or not Alison actually knew Jenna was inside. It is also unknown whether anyone else was inside the garage Alison blackmailed Toby into taking the blame for Jenna’s “accident”, by saying that she would tell the whole town about their affair. Commemorating September 1, the day he became free of Jenna, and coincidentally the same day Alison DiLaurentis went missing, Toby got a tattoo: This at the time , fueled the Liars beliefs that Toby killed Ali. After a year in reform school in Maine , Toby returns to Rosewood where he is treated as a social pariah, and suspected of being an “A” – by The Liars – and also Alison’s murderer by the whole town.

He helps Emily to come out and tell people that she is gay, something that she is forever grateful for.

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George parks in a handicapped space when Kramer encourages him to do so. They end up being in the store for much longer than expected and when they return, they find an angry mob trashed the vehicle because a disabled woman, who had to park in a distant spot, had been injured in a wheelchair accident. While visiting the injured handicapped woman at the hospital, Kramer falls in love with her and feels compelled to buy her a new wheelchair.

So George and Kramer go to buy a used wheelchair, which is much cheaper than a brand-new one. That night at dinner, Kramer tells Elaine and Jerry that Leslie is a designer and has designed a new puffy shirt, like the pirates used to wear. Apparently Jerry agreed when Leslie asked if he would wear the shirt on The Today Show at the restaurant.

Here Are All the “PLL” Stars’ Relationship Statuses IRL. One’s married, one’s engaged, and one is dating his co-star’s doppelgänger.

Spencer Troian Bellisario spills everything to Furey and apologizes for lying to him the night before. Her read her file after their first encounter, and knows all about her past. Returning to her hideout, Hanna realizes that there is only one thing left to do — call Mona. With the USB in their possession, they can turn Noel over to the police. The two hatch a plan to buy some time. Mona agrees to watch over Noel and deal with Jenna if Hanna returns home and tells the police that it was all a misunderstanding.

Everyone believes Hanna — except Caleb. He gives a passionate speech about her always being a pain, and accidentally sneaks in that he still wants to spend the rest of their lives together. Alison is an emotional mess, but Emily promises to be there for her.

Keegan Allen Talks “Toby” & “Spencer” ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Chemistry

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